Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still Controversial??

Will 50 Cent ever change his ways, or is he a changed man? hahaha I don't think so. In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, 50 talks about his album Before I Self Destruct and some recent trouble hes been getting into. Apparently he just did a show at Governor's Island where it was said that he embraced Jadakiss.. who we all thought he would have beef with forever. Complex mentioned that they spoke with 50 about possible tension with Dr.Dre, Fat Joe's first week sales, pulling a gun out on Diddy and how he really feels about the 50 diss from Jay-Z. Maybe some things will never change for 50 and maybe it will.....


  1. im not a 50 fan,
    isn't he supposed to stop rapping anyway?

  2. Thats crazy because he is a grown man and he is acting like this...he will never grow up....not really into him anywho...Dope Blog...