Monday, August 31, 2009

Ch@in G@ng!

Amber Rose and Kanye West

"Would you buy?????"
Yes, this is the mysterious blonde everyone has been talking about. Fashion do or don't? I saw a pair of these on Broadway in Soho,NYC and almost thought about getting a pair for myself. Of course they were not Chanel, so I bounced. I feel like if these were shown on anyone else they would look horrible... well maybe. Perfect fit for her, indeed. Not to be funny but it complements her bald head. Amber Rose can't go wrong, look who shes with!


Gray Pride.

Can't figure out why one side is white and one side is black, with no area in the middle? I got your middle. Have GRAY PRIDE... forever in your closet. Sometimes neutral is the way to go.

R U Complete?

Friday, August 28, 2009

From Jean to Jeans

Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 2010 Collection

As you know in Europe, all the collections by designers are shown about a year earlier than when they are introduced to the general public. I appreciate a good style with a twist. so I wanted to show you guys a few things from one of my favorite designers, Jean Paul Gaultier. This is denim in its finest. Jean Paul is known for his great contemporary fashion. However, what is shown is a mixture of New York City meets France. After looking at the collection, I've noticed that many of the spring colors will be all sorts of tans, orange, and black. Which i would not really relate to myself. Check it out and see if you like.

And many more where that came from.

throwBACK!! Embrace it...

This is a Tru Classic. It brings back fond memories of my happy childhood. Hope you enjoy.

[HARLEM Callaboz]

"Jimmy Jones expresses fashion in his own way"

These are outfits exclusively from Jim Jones himself. Courtesy of Complex Magazine. Thanks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bimmer X

THIS IS BMW X6 CROSSOVER VEHILCLE. BEATS A CAR OR JEEP ANYDAY. This car is a double-look on the streets and is now being shown in tons of car shows. Sporty and luxurious at the same time. its not a Jeep, its a CUV.

On The Comeback

Cassie's Trails
Apparently Cassie was going through a few trails and tribulations before her huge comeback. According to Complex Magazine, she says that her comeback was needed. Once again Cassie scores a front cover for Complex. She remembers the first time that she was in Complex, and says it feels like a whole different experience. September is suppose to be the biggest issue for the magazine, of the year of course. Besides the fact that cassie is on the comeback, it still makes me remember when she was out for the first time. Diddy did it again (I guess). Even though, her trails and tribulations are disclosed, she definitely deserves what she works hard for.

B4 you know it.

Before you know it, it will be winter. Get prepared very easily.

Peacoats just sound great for the winter.

Well maybe im getting ahead of myself, but I love the winter even the fall. These are Perfect for me. You get to stay warm and also be stylish at the same time. Nothing beats wool.

Vans has came out with the perfect shoe for the winter.

Vans Chukka Peacoat LX


...&& Then there was...

What's more unpredictable than this? A diamond encrusted G-shock.. who would of thought? Babe at that! I definitely saw a diamond watch before but nuttin like this. This is obvious custom made, for no other than Pharrell. NEwho i would trade it all for something so icey...

Random: OJ tha Juiceman is in town, Gotta love him.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Warm Apple Pie"

This is a formal all access pass with the Mac. Yes you may access tv on your Macbook. ugh.. kinda wishing i had a Macbook. Supposedly, you hook up this tv device to your Macbook and are able to watch anything they offer, at anytime. Hey everyone my B-Day is coming up. *Hint Hint. With Apple, you will pay a pretty penny for their products but trust me its worth it. Check out this device on

Comes fully equiped with the Tv device and Remote control!

Back to Skool Looks

The Made In China Tee Men's T-shirts By Obey $20.00

The Box Plaid Buttondown Shirt Men's Buttondown Shirts By Crooks and Castles $52.00

The Poo Boy Pants in Elephant Skin Men's Pants By Obey $76.00

The Die Hippy Sunglasses Sunglasses By Sabre $90.00

The Baseball Script New Era Hat Men's Hats By Crooks and Castles $40.00

The Cesario Sneaker Men's Sneakers By Creative Recreation $105.00

Evolution in the progress

Official Video

Making of the video

Jay-Z does it again with another collaboration. Kanye West and Rihanna helped to make the joint. The "Roc Nation" is getting stronger as the years progress. If you happen to watch the making of the video, you can see that Jay-Z has a full description of what the song means. Hope you enjoy... I did.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I fell in luv! The "Toxic in Green and Grey" look more like blue and grey.. but are by far the hottest sneaks in Soho right now. Alife is a new and oncoming sneaker line. Not really sure where to purchase but they are mos. def. out if you use your binoculars. The style is a mixture of Vans meets Punkrose meets LRG. Of course they come in all colors, easy to mtch up with any outfit.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What goes around, comes around

Yes Teyana Taylor is modeling for a new clothing line; Married to the mob. I first seen this ad on "", which is by far the greatet website to purchase clothes off of. I looked at the clothing and almost died! I mean they look pretty average if not horrible. But I guess you gotta money your money some how... she should be modeling gucci or prada. To each its own. Check out right now and check it out for yourself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

You don't need NO1 else.

Sooner Than Later - Drake

New Kidd On The Block!

Hello Everyone
Ugh.. I hate being the new one but HERE I AM. New to this blogging thing.. decided to check it out and so far it's great. I'm the type you can't get rid of. So I plan on doing this for a while. Brief Introduction: Fashion and photography has always been my thing, but I like for people to see things my way... guess you can call me selfish. O Well!.. down to earth but still futuristic at the same time.
Maybe I'm in lala land but "I just wanna be sucessful"- Drake/Trey Songz