Sunday, September 6, 2009

After lightning` strikes???

R these two dating???
Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor are spotted together everywhere... don't seem like each others type so I'm going think they are Best friends. Here they are at Diddy's White party. They look oddly close to each other. Check out Chris Brown's lightning bolt.. I love it. If you look closely to Teyana's hair you can see her red n the back. Secrets go a far way when your famous.

They had the idea to dye their hair red in the back... together!

They even have the same pink colored G-Shock.. how cute.

What do you think about it???


  1. if they are together that would be crazy but cute both r werid in a way....

  2. I hate that lightning bolt in CBs head. Lol.

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  3. omg my friend odessey loves him she doesnt listen to no other music she is obsessed with him she is defenetly his number 1 fan